3 Step Strategy Chiropractors Follow to Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

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Let a Chiropractor Help You Heal

While it’s considered “normal” to take pain killers to reduce your car accident injury pain, try not to, if possible. It would instead help to visit a car accident doctor immediately after a crash. Never self-diagnose and do not wait it out assuming the pain will go away.

If it’s your first time visiting an accident injury treatment clinic you could be feeling a bit anxious. But rather than waiting it out it’s always advisable to see a chiropractor within 72 hours of the crash.

You can book an appointment at Coral Gables accident injury treatment clinic and meet our experts for complete relief and holistic healing. Chiropractors at our injury clinic have been treating and healing car accident victims for decades.

Chiropractic Care Helps

Chiropractic care believes in locating the root cause of your pain and then treating that cause in a natural manner. The final goal is to provide you relief from the pain and restore your health in a way that is not invasive and which does not depend on pain killers or other such medications.

Chiropractors can choose from a wide range of chiropractic techniques to treat your car accident injury pain. The severity of your injury and how deep the wound is what makes your chiropractor decide on the treatment plan and which technique to use to achieve the best results.

Most chiropractors follow a 3-step treatment strategy. This strategy includes the following:

  • Step 1: Providing relief from pain
  • Step 2: Restoring the range of motion
  • Step 3: Rehabilitation

The 3-Step Strategy

Step 1: Once you begin treatment the first priority your chiropractor has is to provide you relief from your injury pain. Several chiropractic techniques are used to reduce the pain and soreness that has resulted from the car accident. The spinal manipulation technique is one of the most common that chiropractors use along with others. During a spinal adjustment your chiropractor gently coaxes your spine or vertebral column back into its original position.  This technique is helpful in restoring the curvature of the injured spine.

Step 2: The next step is restoring the mobility at the site of injury. For this cold laser therapy or ultrasound therapy is used. They help reduce stiffness and inflammation along with providing relief from pain. These therapies also boost the flow of blood to the injury site. An increase blood flow helps speed up the healing process.

To mobilize the injured area, chiropractors also use massage therapy. It helps loosen up the tight muscles, tendons, or ligaments and helps restore lost mobility to the area. Sometimes tool-assisted massage therapy may also be used.

Step 3: Once your injury pain has reduced and mobility restored to the area, your chiropractor will then recommend easy stretches and corrective exercises. These when done regularly help strengthen your injured muscles and improve the stability of your joints.

Visit Coral Gables Accident Injury Treatment Clinic to Heal Naturally

At all times it is your chiropractor’s goal to combine supplementation and nutrition with rehabilitative exercises and plan a complete treatment package for you. When you can heal naturally, why not take full advantage of this holistic approach to heal and improve your quality of life.

What is of utmost importance is when exactly you begin treatment of your injuries. Even a slight delay can worsen your pain and also rob you of your personal injury claim. That is why it is best to visit a car accident chiropractor immediately after a car crash.

Our car accident specialist chiropractors at Coral Gables accident injury treatment clinic are experts at getting you back on your feet again on the road to good health. Every treatment plan is customized to suit your condition and needs. To know more or to schedule a consultation you can call 305-928-2828 or visit:

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