BYJU’s To File FY22 Financials Soon – Here’s What’s Likely

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In the entire ed-tech sector, BYJU’s is an unbeatable educational service provider. Due to its marketing strategies, courses, and regional language support, the Ed-tech firm is always highlighted. In a recent report, the company, headquartered in Bangalore, plans to file its financials for FY22 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. BYJU’s has filed its FY21 financial numbers with the regulatory bodies after the 18-month delay in September 2022. As per that report, the company’s net losses widened by 14 times and were reported to be Rs 4,564.38 crore, which was Rs 305.5 crore in FY20. Other unicorn competitors, including Unacademy, upGrad, Vedantu, and PhysicsWallah, have already filed their financial reports for FY22. Since BYJU’s is a leading player in the digital learning space and receives multiple rounds of funding with consistent growth, the company is planning for an IPO. Investing in the initial public offering shares of the leading ed-tech company is the best way of earning good returns.

About The Leading Ed-tech Company

BYJU’s is a leading ed-tech company in India widely known for providing digital learning services. The company understood the market gap and devised a digital learning solution to help the students grasp the concepts at home. Currently, the company is expanding its services by launching a live tutoring area.

The Indian-originated learning platform currently offers a wide array of courses to the students of classes I to XII. Furthermore, BYJU’s is also helping students prepare for popular competitive and entrance exams like JEE, GATE, IAS and NEET. By providing valuable educational services, the learning application occupied a significant market share and emerged as a leading ed-tech firm in the country.

BYJU’s IPO details

It is expected that the leading ed-tech giant of the Indian market is planning to launch its initial public offering in the next one to two years. The demands for educational service providers are never going to decrease, and investing in a growing educational company like BYJU’s can help you multiply your amount in the minimum time.

BYJUS’s Initial Public Offering Goals

  • Scale and grow the company
  • Get the required working capital
  • Grab share issuance expenses.
  • Funds for corporate needs

BYJUS’s Initial Public Offering Goals

  • Scale and grow the company
  • Get the required working capital
  • Grab share issuance expenses.
  • Funds for corporate needs

Financial Numbers Of BYJU’s

Reputed as the most valued ed-tech startup in India, BYJU’s is backed by Tiger Global Management and logged nearly Rs 9,991 crore of revenue in FY22. From Feb 2022 to July 2022, the company made a revenue of more than Rs 6,175 crores, making it one of the fastest-growing education businesses in the country. The company has already announced to hire more than 10,000 teachers for its online and offline classes, signifying the increase in the number of enrolled students. 

Things To Know Before Investing

Before investing in BYJU’s unlisted share, consider the following strengths and weaknesses of the company for an enhanced investment experience – 


  • The learning application features a wide array of content for students and aspirants in their regional languages for an enhanced learning experience. The content available on their platform is in different formats like stories, animations, theories and visuals.
  • BYJU’s app also has a high student engagement rate. The interactive study solutions and finely tuned interface often make the student return to the platform, increasing customer retention.
  • In the past few years, the company has secured a solid financial spot and earned multiple funding rounds. The platform continues to boost itself and enhance the learning experience by experimenting with the content and offerings.
  • The company is also acquiring other ed-tech and coding platforms like Aakash and White Hat Jr. and scaling its network of companies. The intelligent moves allow the company to reduce its competition and experiment in other market segments like programming.


  • Frequent data breaches and privacy concerns are the biggest threats to the leading ed-tech company. BYJU’s should upgrade their backend and database to refrain from potential data leaks. 
  • With each passing day, more and more digital learning platforms are penetrating into the market and snatching the potential customers of BYJU’s. However, the budding platforms cannot harm BYJU’s but they can be a threat to the existing and new customers of the company.

Why Should You Invest In BYJU’s?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the ed-tech sector in the country is booming, and BYJU’s has a major contribution to it. Being a leading digital education service provider, it is continuously acquiring budding companies and growing them simultaneously. The strong financials and multiple rounds of funding signify its consistent growth. Furthermore, BYJU’s can go public anytime, and investors can benefit from this excellent opportunity by investing in its shares. To stay updated with the IPO details and share prices of BYJU’s, you can use Stockify. It is India’s leading online stock broking platform providing necessary trading information about delisted and pre-IPO shares. To start your investment journey, you can visit Stockify, which is the best place to buy unlisted shares in India.

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