How Did Amazon Become The New Frontier?

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If you were asked to take a very brief and fleeting trip through your life in the past two years, you would definitely see a name pop up more than you had expected – Amazon. The giant has been an important part of your life—in taking you through and out of the pandemic. Even until a few years ago, had you told us that this e-commerce venture would send astronauts into space, we would’ve probably laughed the infamous ‘Jeff Bezos laugh’.

Amazon and its owner Jeffery Bezos have become the most important, non-political, factors in shifting the course of the world and its future. This is just because of the way Jeff is re-inventing the way to do business in the 2020s. We all knew that technology is essential to take businesses forward but Jeff is the man who showed the world what can actually be achieved if the right mind is put to work to make use of that technology.

The Cashier-free Stores

Before we had even fathomed about a global pandemic, Amazon gave us a solution that would be much needed in years to come. ‘Amazon Go’, a store where you can go and get what you need. And once you are done shopping, you can simply walk out without having to physically interact with any staff.

The revolutionary store debuted in Seattle where customers are greeted just like a normal everyday grocery store. But what sets it apart is the technology. For starters, the entire store has integrated weight sensors and cameras on its shelves which automatically build your cart on your Amazon App.

Once you have everything you need, just walk out and the payment will be processed via your Amazon account – it’s that simple! Within a year, Amazon has opened over 30 stores using the same technology and it is encouraging other businesses to follow suit. Before we know it, there will be a cashier-free store in every neighborhood!

Biometric Payment

As if a cashier-free store wasn’t enough, Amazon has pioneered the payment method which basically takes away the need of carrying money in your pockets. With the biometric scanning tech introduced at Amazon Go stores, all customers have to do is scan their palms and the payment will be processed to their linked bank accounts. Once again, this isn’t limited to Amazon, the company is making sure the technology is available to other businesses just so that all can make their way to the future. Let’s not forget, this is by far the most secure and personal method of payment out there since no one can replicate the biology of your hand!

Vesta – The Maid

Remember Rosie from the Jetsons? It probably still feels like a cartoonish fantasy that a piece of machinery is going about the house and cleaning. In 2018, Amazon had already started research and development on an AI-powered robot-maid that would take care of all of your house chores, from cleaning to laundry. It doesn’t stop there, highly intuitive ‘Vesta’ – named after the Roman goddess of home and family, would also be able to solve problems and be your shoulder to cry on as an empathic listener. Amazon also sells Mac Software and you can check the features and benefits of the Mac Email Migration Tool. It has a user-friendly interface with a lot of other benefits.

Alexa Everywhere!

Just like no household is complete without Spectrum Gold Package, any talk of AI is incomplete without mentioning Alexa. To say the least, Alexa could help Amazon take over the world and that is precisely what the company’s ambition is with its cloud-based AI.

From organizing your calendar to heating your dinner in the microwave, Alexa has the capability to do it all. In a matter of years, when the world gets more dependent on AI and the concept of ‘Smart Home’ becomes more common, Amazon’s Alexa would literally be everywhere and in every device around us.

All Things Concluded

All that you saw in movies: AI, robots, and more are soon to turn into a reality—all because of Amazon. However, movies have often antagonized the mass integration of AI into our daily lives. Are they trying to tell us something? Is the inevitable similar to what we saw in ‘Terminator’? We’ll have to wait to find that out.

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