How Does Technology Impact Our Daily Life

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Technology has changed the way humans are living and interacting with each other big time. From healthcare to communication to transportation, we all have gone entirely digital. Not only have our lives gone easier, we also now have plenty of time to do things for ourselves.

In this article, we will see what all breakthroughs have technology created in the past two decades. You will also be able to analyze what all new ventures have digital technology in store for all of us.

So let us begin.

  • Shopping Gone Easy

Technology has completely changed the way people shop nowadays. Customers now can get their desired products delivered at doorsteps within a span of minutes. During the days of brick and mortar stores, people had to wait in queues for a long time and also had to shell out a lot of money for traveling, just to buy groceries for home.

Thanks to technology, people can track their order and also pay for the products as per their desired mode of payment. A lot of e-commerce websites are also providing a 7-10 days exchange policy on items, so that customers can return them if they don’t like it.

  • Smart Health Tracking

Gone are the days when people had to wait outside laboratories to get their blood pressure and blood sugar level checked. Now with the advent of fitness bands, people can check their vital parameters whenever they want, that too by sitting at home. Fitness bands are essentially those devices that give you instant feedback and recommendations based on your health and physical activities.

Oxygen level, blood pressure, blood sugar level, calories, walking distances, running speed etc are some of the information that these smart devices give instantly.

  • Learning at Own Pace

We all have had our education in traditional classrooms where one fit one size formula was the norm, when it came to lectures. The teachers couldn’t afford to wait till every student understood the whole concepts. Even though this was “normal” back then, it did create a lot of learning gaps in students.

With learning going digital now, students can learn their courses at their own pace and can revisit their lessons whenever they want. Not only, this has made learning comfortable for students but it also prevents them from asking the same questions over and again to the teachers. Online learning doesn’t take the teachers out of the equation in any way, as students can always consult their teachers whenever they want.

  • Ease of Transportation

There was a time when people had to wait for a long time to book air tickets and train tickets. Even so, one couldn’t guarantee himself or herself a seat despite the time and effort they have taken for the trip. Thanks to technology, today we are just a click away from buying tickets to the place we want to go, and planning the journey as well, just by sitting at home.

Also, one can book cabs today through smartphone apps to travel from one part of a city to another, and even outstation as well. 

  • Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

The advent of innovative technologies have played an outstanding role in improving the lifestyle standards in us human beings. Now, people are more concerned about their health and also about the things they are choosing to consume. Not to forget, technology has also created more awareness about addictions, and also the tools to overcome them too.

For example, individuals who are struggling with smoking can enjoy the new smoking trend of e-cigarette, and it is a great tool to overcome the habit of smoking.

Having said that, it is equally important to not get addicted to technology itself as it is easy to get hooked to smartphones and tablets. Digital technology can make you powerful only when if you have the self-discipline


You have seen five ways in which technology has changed our lives for good. Going forward, we can expect more breakthroughs in digital technology in the form of gadgets and devices that will transform our lives further. But a point to remember is that we have created technology and it should not in any way make our lives miserable. WIth the dramatic increase in tech-industry, there is an urgent need for us to increase our consciousness too, so that we can make our lives much better amidst this digital revolution. 

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