The Red Fort of Delhi

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The Red Fort of Delhi is an historic fort located in Old Delhi, India. It was once the main residence of the Mughal Emperors. It was constructed on 12 May 1638 by Emperor Shah Jahan, who moved his capital from Agra to Delhi. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you’re visiting Delhi, be sure to take time to visit the Red Fort. It has many impressive doors and gates. The Lahori gate is particularly impressive and is a symbol of the freedom struggle in India. You can also explore the Jama Masjid, which is located inside the Red Fort.

You can also see the royal living quarters in the Red Fort. The Emperor’s private hall, the Khaas Mahal, contains sleeping and praying chambers. The Rang Mahal, which was the principal wife’s living quarters, has a massive marble lotus on its floor.

The Red Fort of Delhi was originally called the Quila-e-Mubarak. However, the British gave it the nickname Red Fort because of the red sandstone walls. It was originally made of limestone, but it was painted red by the British after they took control of the country. The last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was tried at Lal Kila by the British. The Emperor was eventually sent to Rangoon.

The Red Fort of Delhi is 1.5 km from Chandni Chowk metro station. From the metro station, you can take an auto-rickshaw or a peddle rickshaw to reach the fort. A guided tour of the Red Fort is recommended if you have time.

The Red Fort of Delhi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The massive red sandstone walls were constructed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639. They are connected by water channels. The fort represents the pinnacle of Mughal creativity.

The Red Fort of Delhi is an iconic structure that symbolizes the city. It is the site of the Lal Qila. The former was built by the Tomar Rajputs in the eighth century. The latter was completed nine years later. The Red Fort of Delhi is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the city.

In the evenings, the Red Fort is home to an elaborate sound and light show that narrates the history of major events at the fort. Much of Old Delhi is located within the Red Fort complex, which also contains the walled Shahjahanabad city. Old Delhi is a major gateway to India and forms the Golden Triangle of Indian tourism.

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