7 Proven Tips to A Healthier Sex Life

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30-Second Summary

  • The amount of sex that each person has will differ among people and all over their lifetimes. Some will have much more sex than others, and some will never have sex at all! 
  • There are health benefits to having sex and health benefits to not having it.
  • What does affect a person regarding sex is their mental state of health. For instance, if you are a married couple and find out your partner is having sex with someone else, that can make you mentally, physically, and spiritually ill. 
  • Sexual health problems in men are at around 31% and 45% in women.
  • We have proven tips to help you feel a little deflated – tips that can make a world of difference!


Sexual health problems in men and women are determined by many things, such as how much sex you have; how high your sex drive is, for one. Your relationship status could be another factor, your age, or being ill – all these factors can determine the amount of sex you have. 

Many people enjoy a full, satisfying life without ever having sex. One study found that “sexless Americans reported similar happiness levels as their sexually active counterparts.” 

7 Proven Tips to Improve Sexual Health

If you are looking for ways to keep your sex life happy and spicy for a long time, here are some healthy tips!

  1. Communicate with your partner – Couples who talk to each other about what they want and what they desire possess healthier relationships and better sex, according to research. Sexy texting also goes a long way and puts a partner in the mood, sometimes throughout the day, just thinking about what is to come!
  1. Make sex intimate and not just wham-bam, thank you, ma’am – No matter how much you want to have sex, sometimes, a business can interfere with your plans. 

Plan a romantic time for sex so it is filled with romantic moments and anticipation of what is to come. Choose good times when you know you both will not be distracted and tired. Then you can indulge in the foreplay and enjoy the touching, kissing, and arousal build-up that makes it so pleasurable. Maybe vibrators, toys, feathers, and oils might be just what you need to make the foreplay extra sexy and exciting.

  1. Exercise to boost your sexual stamina – Exercise boosts your sexual stamina in the bedroom. It also makes you feel good about yourself, and that gives you more confidence in the bedroom. 

Have you heard of Kegel exercises before? They help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the bladder. They are suitable for both sexual health problems in men and women. 

For women, doing Kegels helps relax the vagina, improving blood flow in that area, making it easier to reach orgasm. Men who practice Kegel exercises and take top-rated male enhancement pills as a booster can experience better erections and more intense orgasms. 

For a starter, read through VigorNow reviews from buyers and see if this product could help with your issues. Make sure to talk to your doctor first before trying any enhancement supplements.

  1. Use lubrication to enhance pleasure – Women’s bodies naturally make their lubricant, but sometimes, this natural lubricant is in short supply. 

Some store-bought lubricants are scented with flavors for an extra special, tasty encounter. Lubricants are wonderfully helpful for vaginal dryness that often results in painful sex. Water-based ones are safe to use with condoms too.

  1. Show the love – Loving someone passionately makes for better sex when you do have it. Things like bathing together or giving each other a massage or just showing the love through hot touching or making out on the couch; real lovemaking does ignite the flame! And that brings us back to the first tip, which shows how beneficial it is to communicate with each other and let each other know how you like to be touched or cuddled.
  1. Don’t be nervous or far away – Having sex relieves stress, but it can be difficult to create a romantic, loving atmosphere when you are all keyed up. Sex problems in men or women can cause nervousness when encountering a new partner. This can cause you not to focus or seem distant, not present in the moment. If you did have a tough, rough day, do something calming and relaxing by taking a walk together or listening to music. You can also practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation. Research shows that mindfulness meditation helps women get more in tune with their bodies when having sex.
  1. Plan an overnight getaway – Just a change in normalcy and routine can make a huge difference in your sex life. You don’t have to travel far, but just showing care and interest in someone is enough to shake things up a bit for both of you. It can add some real spark and even rekindle the romance. Turn off the cell phones and just focus on each other.

Supplements Can Go A Long Way Too!

All-natural supplements can help both men and women enhance their sex lifeimmensely. They can give you more confidence and help you feel in the mood! 

Top-rated male enhancement supplements congest the market. These products contain naturally occurring substances that promote testosterone balance and improve blood flow to the male organ.

VigorNow reviews have things to say about this male supplement. Of course, there are others too – we are just giving you an excellent example. VigorNow is made from plant-based substances, so you have nothing to lose but only enhance.


It can be that the above saucy tips might not turn out to sizzle up your sex life because the problem might be in your medicine chest. There are some drugs like blood pressure tabs, antidepressants, and others that can promote sexual health problems and kill desire.

A health issue can certainly affect your sex life, so a good idea is to schedule an appointment with your doctor about your worries so that you can find the answer and solution. He might refer you to a sex therapist who might recommend a supplement should you have problems in the bedroom.

Remember that too much alcohol drinking can also diminish your sex drive. Fortunately, you can get your groove on again!

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