Crafting a Potent Tank Roster with the Eldor Legend

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Eldor Legend is an acclaimed role-playing game that requires users to construct a solid team to progress in the game. An essential feature of a successful team is a robust tank lineup. A tank is a character who can take a lot of damage and protect the other members of the team from danger. This article will provide an all-encompassing tutorial on how to form the ideal tank lineup in Eldor Legend.

Ophelia, the Dusk Saint

In the game, Ophelia is a strong tank character who can mitigate the most powerful enemy unit’s damage by up to 35%, making her a great asset in disrupting the enemy’s damage output and guarding her team. Furthermore, Ophelia has a chance to heal herself and become immune to damage, recovering 10% HP for each unit that dies in battle. This healing effect is even more potent if she is paired with an additional summoned character.

Maglor’s Iron Wall

A formidable barrier built by Maglor stands as a testament to his strength and power. This wall is made of iron, a material that is both hard to penetrate and durable. The wall serves as a reminder of Maglor’s capabilities and is a reminder that he is not to be taken lightly.

Maglor is an excellent tank, equipped with a powerful shield that can protect him from taking damage and nullify any negative effects. His ultimate ability is also a great asset, as it can draw enemy fire and break up their formation. This makes him a great pick for the later stages of the arena. Additionally, his passive grants a 17% damage reduction and when he successfully dispels a negative effect, he can even heal a portion (7.5%) of his health when attacked.

Winnie: Sightless

Winnie has the potential to do serious damage while at the same time reducing the enemy’s mobility and attack speed by an incredible 80%. Additionally, her passive abilities increase her likelihood of dealing a critical blow, allow her to ignore defense, help her heal, improve her chances of dodging attacks, and provide her with a strength-boosting buff. Additionally, she can significantly deplete the resources of support characters which are essential for keeping the team going.

Mivvi – High Priest

Mivvi’s ultimate skill offers a great deal of healing and can counter any negative effects. Her passive ability reduces damage, giving the team a better chance of success. Moreover, her attacks can help to heal herself as well as slow the enemy’s attack speed for a brief period of time, thus increasing her support value. Together, these abilities create a synergistic environment in which the team can thrive.

Raphael’s Magic Flute

Raphael has the capacity to draw in his adversaries and tempt them into assaulting his allies through his ultimate skill. Furthermore, he can significantly enhance the team’s performance by providing a 75% increase in attack speed and a 45% chance of critical strikes to the member who has the highest attack power. He can be used in either the front or back row and has the capability to heal wounds, decrease the enemy’s attack potential, or reduce their maximum health. Therefore, he is an efficient choice in any position.

Leanna, known as the Dawn Guardian, is a protector of the daybreak.

Leanna is a formidable figure due to her ultimate ability which grants her the capability to manipulate adversaries and supply significant boosts to her personal attack intensity, critical strike probability, and damage invulnerability. Moreover, her passive talents are notably strong, randomly bestowing her with a great number of impressive enhancements that can make her a formidable force.

Additional Aspects to Think Over

The tank lineup is a major component to a victorious team in Eldor Legend, but it is not the only factor. Combining damage dealers, tanks, and support characters is a great way to create a well-rounded team. It is essential to also consider the gear of the support characters to make sure they can offer the best assistance to the team.

Team formation ought to be taken into account by players. Where each character is placed can have an effect on the team’s success. For instance, Raphael can be placed in either the front or the back row, depending on the team’s requirements. It is beneficial for players to try out various formations to discover which one is best for their team.

To guarantee success and stay ahead of the game, it is important to regularly enhance the characters and their gear. This will help them stay efficient as the game progresses and new obstacles come up.

In Summary

For those new to the world of Eldor Legend, considering the prevalence of tanks in the game, it is recommended they first download the Redfinger Android emulator. This will let them take advantage of its multi-account login function to try out each tank and decide which one suits them the best.

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