Dealing With Work Anxiety – Tips On Coping With it in a Better Way!

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When it comes to work it always causes a lot of anxiety doesn’t it? We count the time until the clock strikes five and we can finally go to our home and relax before the same old thing repeats all over again. Most of the people say that they anxiety or stress interferes with their day to day activities and when it comes to workplaces, it is no exception. The anxiety that you get from workplaces can actually cause a disruption with your daily life. It can affect the performance and quality of your work, the relationship with your colleagues and supervisors and what not.

Most people who work say that dealing with difficult people and the deadlines actually are a major part of the work-related stress. When all the people you work with are suffering from anxiety, the stress will feel very much contagious. People start missing the deadlines and the quality of the work declines, the co-workers team up and start gossiping or venting out their problems rather than working in unison to come up with a solution. People stop communicating with each other and this environment can hence become quite toxic. 

Things To Do To Combat Workplace Anxiety

One of the first steps of combating your anxiety is to not suppress it. Your anxiety is caused due to the excessive amount of stress that you have from your workplace. By accepting it will help instead of pushing it away. Trying to understand when you are becoming anxious will help you cope with it. Taking in deep breaths and calming yourself by taking a tea break will help you feel relaxed. 

Most of the time workplace anxiety can hold us back from speaking about the ideas that we have in our minds in meetings because we always fear getting ridiculed and hence we do not get the raise or the promotion that we have worked so hard for. Think about all the positive experiences you have had when you spoke up, that will instil confidence in you and reduce your anxiousness. 

Helpful Tips On Coping With Your Workplace Anxiety

If workplace stress is getting to your mental health then it’s time to follow these tips and win over your never ending anxiety!

  • Asking for help: Work can be quite hectic and we often agree to tasks that we do not quite understand. Asking for help about the things that you do not understand will help you decrease your anxiety overall when it comes to taking up responsibilities and maintain a better relationship with your supervisor and they will understand that you genuinely care about your work.
  • Avoid triangles: Many times in workplaces there are co-workers who tend to gossip. Even though when it seemingly provides a temporary relief it tends to build up a lot of negativity and stress when you gossip about someone behind their back. Examples of triangles would be to criticize a third person behind their back or using them as a victim.

Though it might seem like a fair option when you vent out your grievances to your co-worker, try to solve the problem with the person you are having the conflict with instead of criticizing them behind their backs. This will provide for a much better alternative.

  • Honest Deadlines: if we feel anxious we tend to not communicate our problems with our superiors and tend to agree to the deadline they give us. It is true that not all deadlines are negotiable but we can always avoid the constant stress that we feel on our backs from the workload and ask them to increase the deadline so that the work can be done at a manageable pace.
  • Do not cut contact: We always tend to cut off contacts with anyone who make us anxious or uncomfortable for that matter, of course workplace is not exception whatsoever. Avoiding someone is only a temporary solution, so it is better to solve the problem that has been nagging behind your back and face it head on.

These easy tips can help you reduce your stress and anxiety that you face in your workplace.

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